Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What kind of Japanese participants will be interacting with my students?

Our Japanese participants (Junior high to University students) will go through a selection process carried on by Knox English network. Participants will be taking part from all over Japan.


Q2.  On what categories will the students be selected by throughout the selection process?

Students will be chosen according to their experiences in living abroad, English levels, and by a brief essay written in both Japanese and English regarding their ambitions and motivation towards taking part in the program.

Q3. What do you look for in your Japanese participants?

We look for students who are highly motivated and enthusiastic towards improving their English levels, as well as students who have the initiative to actively interact with the other participants. Also, for Global Talk! is a free program run by a Non-Profit Organization, we aim to provide opportunities to students who do not yet have any experience studying abroad nor have attended any institutions that carry English-specialized curriculums.

Q4.Will the majority of the Japanese participants have a high English language ability?

Our objective for this program is to offer language learning opportunities to students who have a strong desire to connect with people overseas. The students will not necessarily be chosen based solely on their English levels throughout the screening process.

Q5. Are short/long term programs available?

Yes. In general the program will last for approx. 4-8 weeks; however these are not definite and are flexible accordingly. Specific dates and durations will be decided between Knox and the partnering schools prior to the program.



Q6.  My students from the U.S. do not speak Japanese. Is it possible to participate in this program using English only?

Yes. Participants from the U.S. do not necessarily need to be Japanese learners. One of the main objectives for the Japanese students is for them to attain an English learning experience; therefore all participants who are able to interact and engage with these students through English are appliable.