The U.S. and Japan: Uniting the nations through language


Global Talk!

In Japan, there are a great number of students who seek for chances to practice their English skills and are also willing to connect with students in the U.S.
We look for students residing in the U.S. (class or schoolwide participation) who are eager to interact with other students internationally, and are looking for an opportunity to practice their Japanese. If you are a Japanese language teacher teaching in the U.S., come join our program to provide your students with a virtual, cross-cultural, and inter lingual learning experience!

Our ambitions are not only to uplift the students’ learning motivation respectively, but also aim for our participants to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultural and social characteristics. With support and funding from the U.S. Embassy Tokyo, our goal is to establish a strong relationship between the younger generations of Japan and the U.S., with hopes to contribute to the forever globalizing world we live in today.



「Global Talk!」は、アメリカで日本語を学ぶ学生と、日本で英語を学ぶ学生を繋ぐプログラムです。このプログラムでは、写真・音声を投稿する非同時性のツールや、ビデオ電話などの同時性ツールを使いながら、お互いの学習言語で話し合い、楽しみ、チャレンジしています。



Features of the Global Talk! Program


Applications by teachers

Prior to the sessions, Knox and the partnering schools will decide on discussion topics, class size, and class content to construct a course guideline. We welcome participants from the U.S. on scales from singular classes to entire schools.


Broad Range of Topics

Discussion topics are chosen according to the participant’s language levels. They are chosen from everyday subjects (schools, local neighborhoods, food, culture etc.) to more social and political themes such as SDGs.


Cultivating Global Skills

Through the program, students are able to foster a diverse set of values and understand cultural differences, along with cooperativity and leadership skills on an international scale.


Collaborative Project Utilizing IT

Students will share, connect, and cooperate as a team over the duration of the program, using both on-demand and real-time video interactive tools. We will deliver various forms of intercultural engagement through using some of the latest digital applications available.


Engaging with Native Speakers

A language learner’s environment is often restricted in a classroom where they are only given opportunities to exercise their language skills between their fellow classmates and teachers. Global Talk! enables participants to learn firsthand from native speakers of their target language, thus offering a more exceptional learning experience.


Past Participating Schools in the U.S.

United Nations International School, NY
Harvard University, MA
Brown University, RI
Bayside Middle School, VA
Global Online Academy, WA


Sponsoring Organizations

If you need any help, please send us an email.